Why We Are Here

 Why We Are Here

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Denbigh Library Gallery   2nd November – 4th January 2013, Private view: 6-8pm Friday 1st November

Creating and making work enables an encounter with a personal world and the freedom to explore opportunities created by the materials used.

Despite significantly contrasting approaches to creating, we identified a number of common conceptual interests and embarked upon a period of collaboration in order to explore and experience each others’ working strategies, spaces and the effect they might have upon our own. /WhyWe Are Here/ presents the results of this period.

The work features a range of original cross-disciplinary pieces, experiments and documentation of work-in-progress linked by the over arching themes of the direct/indirect, presence/absence, light/shadow. 

Why We Are Here, 2014

— 21 January 2014

The Why We Are Here project between myself, Matt Sherratt and Simon Proffitt will continue in 2014, new works in progress and developments will be discussed and documented here; http://www.whywearehere.co.uk/why/here/.

Simon has also made a short film of the Why We Are Here Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 exhibition in Denbigh Library, which can be seen here;  https://vimeo.com/83979518  

Thanks again to the Arts Council Wales for funding the project.


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