“Eloquent Brain”, Llawn 03 Haus of Helfa

Haus of Helfa Residency @ Llawn O3 Art Weekend Revisit/Reveal curated by Marc Rees, Alfredo Cramerotti and Sabine Cockrill, 26, Augusta Street, Llandudno, Conwy LL30 2AE

I am currently installing ‘Eloquent Brain’ in Haus of Helfa, Llandudno part of the Llawn 03 Arts Festival.

Eloquent brain is the part of brain tissue which is responsible for sense and speech.  Surgeons tag or ‘bookmark’ areas of eloquent brain in order to avoid them when required to operate on damaged tissue.

Wedges are man – made tools that can arrest movement. Paradoxically they split, interrupt and support. Inserted into the paper structure, the metal wedges divide the sheets, suggesting either markers to prevent further brain tissue damage or shrapnel inflicting further. The envelopes placed in the gaps between the floorboards encourage associations with conflict and communication, letters sent home, graves, troop formations.

Modern blast – shock experienced by those returning from scenes of conflict is not dissimiliar to the shell – shock experienced during historical warfare. This building formerly housed the Royal Airforce Association which provided a social club for those returning with what is now recognised as post-traumatic stress disorder, generally invisible to the outside world. The narrow spaces in the floor of the room are used as the principal means of supporting the work.

Lisa Carter’s systematic use of spaces and gaps… in the house and in the memory… Remy Dean


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