Haus of Helfa, Tedder Carpet, Llawn, Llandudno, 2015

Haus of Helfa Residency @ Llawn O2 Art Weekend The Presence of Absence curated by Marc Rees, 26, Augusta Street, Llandudno, Conwy LL30 2AE

‘Tedder Carpet’

A site specific installation in direct response to a three month period of research on the buildings 26, Augusta Street known as  ‘Tedder House’ and the Tabernacl’ Upper Mostyn Street.

“Lisa Carter   produced The Tedder Carpet - a room occupied by suspended plumb-weights, hanging from ceiling to almost touch the floor. They referenced the architectural limbo of the site, with the plans to develop the house themselves suspended, but they were arranged in a grid pattern to echo the Tedder ‘low-level marking methods’, used to plan for saturation ‘carpet’ bombing during WW2.

These plum-lines with weights that resembled bombs, took up very little volume within the room, though the installation almost filled it and rendered the heart of the space inaccessible, a very understated comment on the results of such bombing. As the audience moved around the structure, the nylon suspension lines swayed and the weights moved slightly, bringing to mind that instant before impact… serene yet chilling…” Remy Dean


From 1963 until 2004 26, Augusta Street housed the Royal Airforce Association’s; Llandudno branch. It was  renamed Tedder House after Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder (1890-1967). Lord Tedder served under Eisenhower as the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force.  Working closely with RAF Bomber Command and the US Strategic Air Forces in Europe, Lord Tedder was influential in shaping 1944 -1945 bombing campaigns in which he applied his strategy – nicknamed the ‘Tedder Carpet’- of supporting land forces using concentrated carpet bombing over specified areas of 1000 yards by 300 yards.

Encouraging the room to make its own drawing, the shadow of the carpet found on the floorboards has been measured, using the Cartesian method of gridding a space with line and plumb bobs. Archaeologists frequently employ this device to comprehensively ensure the location of all artefacts of historical interest are recorded and preserved in a marked out area.  The ‘Tedder Carpet’ bombing strategy systematically caused destruction within a specified site. The plumb bobs have been positioned to suggest the formation of  both the aircraft and bombs. Rumble and dust generated by the room’s walls whilst installing the drawing has been brushed onto the ‘Tedder Carpet’.

_MG_2226 - CopyIMG_1949 - Copy_MG_2227IMG_1966

Lewis Edward Valentine (1 June 1893 – March 1986) a Welsh politician and Baptist pastor at Y Tabernacl, Upper Mostyn Street Llandudno, along with Saunders Lewis and  DJ Williams carried out an arson attack in 1936 on the RAF bombing school in Penyberth, North West Wales. It was a turning point in Welsh language politics and the first time since the Glyndwr revolt that violence was committed in the name of Wales.



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Art at Lloyds Club

Twenty one of my works selected by Stephen Lacey Fine Art will be on show here from Wednesday  19th March until the 28th May 2014

Private view: A British Continuum

Wednesday 19 March, 6.30–8.30pm

Exhibition runs: 20 March 2014 – 28 May 2014

Talk on The London Group by Sarah MacDougall: Thursday 8 May, 7pm

Lloyds Club, 42 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AP

RSVP for guest list to

Art at Lloyds Club
presents ‘A British Continuum’, an exhibition of British Art at the Lloyds Club generated through the spontaneous partnership of Stephen Lacey Fine Art, Browse & Darby and The Court Gallery. This trio of dealers has come together through their shared interest in particular areas of modern and contemporary British Art.The exhibition will include work from both strands, Stephen Lacey and Browse & Darby each showing a small group of their living artists, while The Court Gallery is largely responsible for ‘The London Group 1913–1963’ section.


Elizabeth Blackadder, Lisa Carter, Matt Chambers, Chris Drury, Anthony Eyton, Anthony Fry, Patrick George, James Lloyd, Eileen Hogan, James Lloyd, Peter Randall-Page, Jo Self, Matt Sherratt

London Group:
Adrian Allinson, Walter Bayes, Robert Bevan, Frank Dobson, Malcolm Drummond, Ivon Hitchens, Kenneth Martin, Paul Nash, Lucien Pissarro, William Roberts, Sir William Rothenstein, Walter Sickert, Sir Matthew Smith, Graham Sutherland, Ethelbert White


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 Why We Are Here

WWAH web

Denbigh Library Gallery   2nd November – 4th January 2013, Private view: 6-8pm Friday 1st November

Creating and making work enables an encounter with a personal world and the freedom to explore opportunities created by the materials used.

Despite significantly contrasting approaches to creating, we identified a number of common conceptual interests and embarked upon a period of collaboration in order to explore and experience each others’ working strategies, spaces and the effect they might have upon our own. /WhyWe Are Here/ presents the results of this period.

The work features a range of original cross-disciplinary pieces, experiments and documentation of work-in-progress linked by the over arching themes of the direct/indirect, presence/absence, light/shadow. 

Why We Are Here, 2014

— 21 January 2014

The Why We Are Here project between myself, Matt Sherratt and Simon Proffitt will continue in 2014, new works in progress and developments will be discussed and documented here;

Simon has also made a short film of the Why We Are Here Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 exhibition in Denbigh Library, which can be seen here;  

Thanks again to the Arts Council Wales for funding the project.


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Eisteddfod Denbighshire and District, Lle Celf 2013

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Squall has been selected for The National Eisteddfod, Lle Celf 2013.

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Cynefin, A Sense of Place Denbighshire Arts

Earlier this year a number of artists were invited by Denbighshire Arts to provide workshops in the community to coincide with the National  Eisteddfod Denbighshire and District. I was asked to develop a week long drawing workshop focusing on expression and gesture in Ysgol Bryn Hededd, Rhyl, in response to the theme Cynefin, A Sense of Place. I had a fantastic week with the committed and enthusiastic children and staff, thankyou Ysgol Bryn Hededd. Works created by the pupils during the sessions are being exhibited alongside Helfa Gelf artists in Rhyl Library and Rhyl Education Gallery and the exhibition runs until the first week of September.

Collaberative Sumi Ink Drawings

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Unsettled, Solo Exhibition Oriel Ffin Y Parc


‘Unsettled’, A solo exhibition of thirty new works at Oriel Ffin Y Parc starting Sunday June 2nd 2-5pm. All the works can be viewed at under exhibition.


   ‘Intricate Weavings’ Oil on canvas

oil graphite on canvas.   ‘Almost a Person’ Oil and graphite on canvas


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Elsewhere, An Arts Council Small projects Grant Award

Elsewhere’ Y Capel Llangollen. 12th July – 4th August 2012

Many thanks to the Arts Council Wales and Denbighshire Arts, I installed ‘Elsewhere’ today at Y Capel, Llangollen. New works on canvas on board, they are a continued exploration of an atmospheric minimalism as typified by a sideways glance. These seven works explore the dual and opposing feeling of the expressive and the critical that accompanies me often.June 2012

Real Institute Analogue Web Portal,  Oriel Davies, Newtown, 2012

Fantastic couple of days spent as a specially trained expert with Real Institute’s Analogue Web Portal live launch in Oriel Davies, Newtown.  Excited at becoming one of their Premium Experts, see who else is on the roster.

Real Institute launches its groundbreaking web service with a special interactive performance. Working with a team of specially trained experts, two pencils, a large booth and some pointy arrows, we will enable you to visit the now legendary INTERNET in Real Time via our specially developed Analogue Web Portal. Some day all internet access will be made this way.

Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown

• Fri 22 June 11am – 4pm
• Sat 23 June 11am – 1pm (followed by talk).

• The artists and Oriel Davies team will be holding an open conversation after the performance on Saturday 23rd at 1pm

• This event is free, it is delivered in partnership with Axis and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales. Check: where related things will happen online.


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